How to find the perfect size harness for your cat

Looking for the perfect fitting harness for your cat? Look no further!

We started this business because we found it hard finding a good looking harness for our CEO, Romeo, never mind one that actually fit right and subdued his inner Houdini. We get many questions every week about our harness sizes for cats and thought it was about time we put our answers in an article for our wonderful customers to refer to.

We know our harnesses are a little luxury for your fur baby so we want to make sure that you get the perfect size to avoid disappointment. So without skipping a beat, let's get to it! As a rule of thumb, we recommend an XS for most cats that are about 6 months of age and below approximately 6.5kg. If your cat sits outside these parameters, we do have options available for you so don't click X yet!

For the larger kitties whose weight is proportionate to their size, you could go up to a size S. For kitties that are larger because they carry a little extra lovin', you can opt to order an XS but we can make the chest strap a little longer to accommodate for the extra weight. For kittens that are below 6 months of age, we can create a special kitten harness just for you! All kitten harnesses are the same price as our XS - send us a message and we can help assist you further. 

If you have a Maine Coon, we would recommend a S-M size depending on various factors including age and weight however it is best you contact us to discuss further as these special cat-bears continue to grow up to the age of 2!

If you are still unsure about whether our harnesses will be the right fit for your kitty, you can refer to our sizing page which has the harness measurements that you can use to give you a guide on the right size. Additionally, we can send you out a piece of fabric that will help guide you to ensure you select the right size to avoid disappointment (see 55 seconds into the video below). 

The video below will provide you with more information on our sizes and provide you more information about the sample fabric we can send you to get the best fit for your purrfect kitty!

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