Not sure what size you are? You can order sample pieces of fabric to test the size before you buy. Click here to go to the sample fabric page.

When measuring your pet's neck size, using a measuring tape is preferable however you can also use a piece of string and measure the string with a ruler. When measuring, ensure there is enough room for two fingers to slip between the measuring tape and your pet's neck so the harness will be snug but comfortable.

Please take into account the size of your pet's head when choosing harness sizes. Some breeds of dogs have larger heads than others which may prevent the harness from going over their head. e.g. Although a S size may fit a French Bulldog's neck and chest, the head size may mean the dog will require a M

Size Neck (cm) Chest (cm)
Kitten Up to 24cm 33cm - 38cm
S Up to 26cm 37cm - 42cm
M Up to 39cm 40cm - 48cm
L Up to 36cm 44cm - 52cm


If you are in-between sizes, the preference is to choose the larger size to make sure your pet's head will fit through the neck of the harness however, if you email us and let us know which measurements you in-between, we can custom make your harness to ensure a perfect fit.